Professional Smoker


Traditional animation on paper. 1:38 min. Berlin 2013


The idea of this animation came from my own observations as a cyclic chain smoker. I wanted to comment upon how we (mostly women) consciously or unconsciously push ourselves to the max to conform beauty standards. Standards paradoxically constructed in an heteronormative, patriarchal society where “the socially constructed notion that physical attractiveness is one of women’s most important assets, and something all women should strive to achieve and maintain”1 keeps being the order of the day.



Special thanks to Elisa Garrote Gasch and to Ginés Olivares.



Shown at Entzaubert Film Festival 2014*

1. Spade, J. Z., & Valentine, C. G. (2008). The kaleidoscope of gender: Prisms, patterns, and possibilities. Pine Forge Press.

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